Modern Web Design, It’s All About Mobile

Modern Web Design, It’s All About Mobile

Modern Website Design, 8 Tips for Success

Simplification is the key to current modern web design. With a massive shift from desktop and laptop browsing to mobile and tablet browsing, web development has adapted with the following trends:

1 Modern Web Design: Hero Images

The hero page is a single bold image on the home page. The principle of this comes from the newspaper world (we’ve salvaged something from this dying media). Back in the old days of newsprint, if something was “above the fold” it was the most important bit. And if something really interesting happened (like a fireman saved a baby from exploding blimp), it took up the whole top half above the fold.

What’s most important about your site? Put it at the top and you’ve got a hero.

2 Modern Web Design: Succinct Content

Short attention spans=Less Content
Less Content=Good

That is all.

3 Modern Web Design: Video

Why write it when you can say it? More people are engaging with videos than ever … maybe we’re getting lazier, maybe we just love how well our phones play video. Either way, get yourself in front of a camera and appeal to your audience. And if you don’t want to do that, then:

  • Post a video of your product with narration
  • Get footage of employees who do their jobs well
  • Find customers who are using your products and film them

No one expects you to be an internet star. Just be genuine and connect with your audience.

4 Modern Web Designs: Minimal Color

This is a trend you might not expect. Colors schemes are getting simplified. Think: One primary color with neutrals or neutrals with a splash of color. This is the equivalent of wearing all black with one outstanding accessory. It highlights the accessory by contrast.

If your site is black with one red button, who could resist hitting the red button?

5 Modern Web Designs: Flat World

So, I take back what I said about color. It’s a carnival of color, but only when web designers go for the flat look, which means no shadows or optical illusions we’ve been so in love with for the last decade. Hey, if Apple’s doing the flat design, this is a look that is around to stay.

Flat web designs are baseball caps and jeans. Get used to it.

6 Modern Web Designs: Retro Styles

Go back before it’s too late. The retro movement is alive and well. Those flat designs I talked about above are retro. So are manipulated images that look like they’re from the 1970s. Why? Because we love retro. It makes us feel warm and safe. It’s like a big hug of nostalgia.

Go retro to avoid the tacky trap while you spread the love.

7 Modern Web Designs: Single Page Websites

This is one of the most natural results of the shift to mobile browsing. People don’t want to adjust and click links. So, developers found a solution. Everything you need to know on one page, within reason. Warning: It doesn’t work for all businesses. Infinite scroll is not the same thing as single page.

If you want a single page design, know that the page must end.

8 Modern Web Designs: Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is when the background image and the foreground images scroll at different paces. You might like it, you might hate it. It’s happening. The more single page websites become popular, the more parallax scrolling you’ll see. Why? Visual interest.

Keeping your eyes on the page is always the goal.

Modern Web Designs: The Takeaway

You can have it all with the help from a professional web developer

  1. Hero Image
  2. Succinct Content
  3. Video
  4. Minimal Color
  5. Flat Styles
  6. Retro Styles
  7. Single Page Websites
  8. Parallax Scrolling

Of course, one new shift in technology could change the whole game. But, right now these are the styles that sell. These are the designs that tell people you care about their browsing experience and being considerate to your customers is never out of style. Now that you have known about modern website design, contact the experts of web designing company in Denver, CO to get a mobile-friendly website.

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